teaches why animals are employed in scientific and medical research. Our goal is to provide a thorough understanding of the humane use of animals in scientific, medical, veterinary, and environmental research. us members, which include colleges, trade associations, businesses, and nonprofit organizations, provide us with funding.

Understanding animals is supported by in-depth investigation and comprehension of relevant scientific and historical facts.

Who We Are

Organic or local? Electric or hybrid? Plastic, paper, or neither? Today, almost every option has an impact on the environment, making it difficult to determine which decisions are most crucial.

We created because it is the only contemporary sustainability resource that provides guidance, explanation, and motivation for both eco-aware and inexperienced green-living individuals. One of the most popular informational websites in the world devoted to making sustainability more widely accepted is, which has 2.6 million monthly visitors.

During this period of shifts in the environment and opportunity, staying informed and making wise decisions are essential. However, our nearly 20-year-old archive of sustainability-related content is available to assist. Our articles might help you develop a green beauty routine, buy a better dishwasher, or just find out more about the world around you.

Welcome to, regardless of how long you’ve been composting or how recently you started using BYO bags. All for sustainability.

Our mission fights against speciesism, a human-supremacist ideology, and concentrates on the four industries—labs, food, clothes, and entertainment—where the greatest number of animals suffer the most intensely and for the longest periods of time. The merciless killing of rats, birds, and other creatures that are frequently seen as “pests,” as well as brutality to domesticated animals, are some of the other topics that we focus on. engages the public through protest campaigns, research, special events, celebrity involvement, animal rescue, investigative news gathering, reporting, and legislation.

Meet Content Creator

I’m a driven and experienced business owner with over 14 years of expertise in fact-checking, web design, SEO, and fact-writing.

I’ve always appreciated learning subjects that aren’t included in the classroom, but in 2020, it was difficult to find trustworthy fact websites online, so I created one.

The site began as a little personal website where I posted interesting facts on subjects I found interesting. After a few years (and a lot of emails), I started to let other people provide information about topics they were interested in. Since then, we’ve hired more than 20 authors to write for us!